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Automatic uploads

Enable automatic uploads from Dropbox and other cloud based services and let us notify you when new photos has arrived.

Unlimited storage

Collect all your photos in one safe place. Picular keeps your originals intact.


Raw Support

Picular supports all major photo file formats including your heavy duty .raw files.


Artificial intelligence

Face recognition, automatic tagging or sorting out blurry photos. These are all things where our AI will be a helpful assistant.

Meta Data Completion

You might have photos missing a correct timestamp or GPS-position. Picular will help you get all missing pieces in place.

Hard work gamified

Picular turns the cumbersome process of cleaning and sorting photos into something joyful. You’ll soon get the craving for more photos to organize.


Smart search

Combine filters for date, people, location, tags and other attributes and have all your memories at your fingertips.


Shared photo buckets

Create shared sets together with friends and family, both to view and contribute.


Create happy things

Turn your favourites into books, calendars and wall prints. Or just enjoy a slideshow.

Free Version

Picular is completely free up till 1000 uploaded photos. No credit card or other strings attached.




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/ Yearly

83% Beta discount

The heavy discount reflects the overall finish of Picular. If you're easily enraged by bugs or unpolished behaviours you might want to check back later. Otherwise, welcome!

The discount spans your active billing period.

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Fille Åström


Kristofer Guldvarg


Since the dawn of the digital age, we’ve been missing a photo service focused on getting our collection cleaned up and organized. It has been equally hard to find specific pictures of friends and family in an evergrowing pile of thousands. Naturally we rarly view or enjoy our memories. And this is what Picular aim to change.

We are a self-funded company with a passion for digital glory, transparency and doing good. Picular started in early 2017. We are from Stockholm, Sweden.

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